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Thursday, October 30, 2008 6:15 AM '
Final Destination

October 30, 2008 Thursday – Halloween has lost its hope. It was a bridging stone to a wonderful and blasting event. It had a core team to drive everything to the end. It left one more day to the big day, but none of them made them. NONE.

Despite F.I.T dispatched a team to protect our final target, none could be done. It was a hot and blistering Thursday afternoon at 1300 hour exact that the Head Committee of Halloween Night was murdered gruesomely.

The victim had a multiple stabs from behind. “She had been so sad lately that she did not join us for lunch anymore” reported by a close friend of the victim’s – Yuen. “She kept herself busy in order to compensate the work of other committees” – reported by Jo. With the death of all the core committee members, the victim had been running the whole show. “I had not seen her sleep for the past two weeks” reported by the victim’s mother.

Exactly at 1255 hour, Jessica was last seen at the Department of Psychology. She approached Jay to retrieve the “Cancelation of Halloween Night” document. It was believed and informed by the department’s staff that Jessica was about to sign the document and cancel the Halloween Night.

At level 8, Jessica was then stabbed hard into her chest. Victim’s wounds indicate that there were deep cuts. The whole scene indicated that she was one out of all victims who were brutally murdered. There were multiple slashes to the throat and to the body. Again, there were no eye witnesses. It was believed that the killer came through one of the windows precisely when the bodyguard assigned for Jessica left for a toilet break.

While signing the “Cancelation of Halloween Night”, she died. All her hard work and creativity, died alongside with her life.

“Halloween Night shall continue, and we will definitely catch our killer!” determined by Angelreena Lim.

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(Disclaimer: Stories and Deaths were staged for competition purposes)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:20 AM '
Money or Life?

October 29, 2008 Wednesday – An Indian girl, Pu, was found lying near the bushes outside RHB Bank. A common stab to the heart was identified as the Cause of Death (COD). Apparently, the victim was on her way to the bank to redraw some cash for the expenditures needed for the Halloween night.

“I told her that it is not advisable because it is at night, but she never listens” reported by Jessica. Apparently the victim had no choice but to make the transactions earlier because Halloween Night draws near.

The CCTV around the area captured nothing but darkness and silence. F.I.T had interviewed every owner of the shops around the crime scene as well as interrogated any suspicious suspects. There were no eye-witnesses.

“Our killer is like a joker card in the deck for its capability can be far-stretched” reported by an F.I.T agent. “Now we know who is he after next, we will employ body guards to make sure our target will be safe” reported by Angelreena Lim.

By far the assessment of the killer:

- Enjoys killing
- Started to observe how his victims suffer
- Is a psychopath
- Kill out of frustration
- Hates all Halloween Committees

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(Disclaimer: This is for competition purposes, all photos and news are staged)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 9:38 AM '
Light Vs Darkness

October 28, 2008 Tuesday – Two young female found dead at University's main campus at 19:31 hour. Carment, 21 years old Chinese female who was in charge of designing for the Halloween Night was kicked from the upper foyer, down the flight of stairs onto the lower foyer. Realizing such fall will only bring unconscious, she was then stabbed multiple times on the chest to her death. Such was the analysis compiled by the F.I.T. “I heard of a girl screaming followed by another while I was in the toilet” reported by Encik Hussein, the night security of main campus.

It seems that Deeppa, an Indian female, age 22 years old, witnessed the crime and tried to escape. As she was running out to the main entrance of the campus she was stabbed multiple times at her chest from behind. “I quickly rushed to the scene upon hearing female screams” reported by Bala, night maintenance of main campus. “It was horrifying” reported by Encik Hussein.

Somehow, the assaulter manages to make an escape through the locked main entrance. F.I.T analyzed that the lock was not tempered at all. “The assaulter must have hide in the campus to wait for the right time to strike” enlightened by Assistant Lieutenant Angelreena Lim. Similar note – “BRB” was attached on the victims.

More assessment of the killer is being identified:

- Obsessed with the number 1 and 3.

- Have access to any area of the campus.

- Threatens the public that he will be right back to kill another

- Never stop killing even during public holidays (Deepavali)

“We have not given up yet. We strongly advice everyone to move in groups and report immediately if spotted any suspicious people” warned by Assistant Lieutenant Angelreena Lim.

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(Disclaimer: This is only for competition purposes, all stories and photos are staged)

Monday, October 27, 2008 1:13 AM '
Sumptuous Killing

October 27, 2008 Monday – Who would have thought during the midst of classes, another tragedy happened at University's psychology department. It was Halloween Night fun raising day when Ivy and Nic was again found murdered. “Both of them had been very cautious over the past few days ever since the mass killings had begun” reported by Jessica, Head of Halloween Committee. “I tried to persuade them not to carry on with the sales as F.I.T informed of the safety precautions to be taken as Halloween Committee members” said Pu, treasurer of Halloween Committee.

Exactly at 13:00 hour, Ivy was murdered without any hesitation while she was selling muffins hot from the oven. The assailant stabbed her from the back and left her body lying on the table with a note pinned onto her. “I found her when I came back for more delicious muffins” reported by a male passerby who claimed to be the faithful customer of the day.

Nic, the next unfortunate victim died on the stairway at level 4 of block E while walking around the block to sell the food. Analyzing the surrounding and the dead body, F.I.T came to the conclusion that Nic came in contact with the assailant before he was stabbed directly to the heart. The death of Nic was discovered when the pool of blood from the stairs overflowed to the floors below, which caught the attention of some students who were walking up the stairs. “I felt something dripped on my head, and I saw red, thinking it was Ketchup, but then when I look up, I saw a bloody hand dripping blood, it was freaky!” reported by Rebecca who was the first to discover the victim.

It now brings up the question, HOW did he do it? No witnesses, not a sound, not a trace…….

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(Disclaimer: This is not real, only staged for competition purposes)

Saturday, October 25, 2008 1:44 AM '
Double Kill !

October 25, 2008 Saturday – Double killings at University. Leong and Vin were both found dead by Sam at level 8 while putting up decorations for Halloween night. They were both tragically murdered. “Is definitely not my day to have heart attack twice!” said Sam.

It was suspected that Leong was on his way to level 8 at around 18:13 hour to pass Vin more deco materials when the assaulter stabbed him on the chest at the elevator. His body was left lying on the floor of level 8 between the elevators obstructing the elevator doors from closing. It was a clean stab to the heart that delivered nothing but death. Nonetheless, subsequent stabs to the chest indicated nothing more but “stabs of frustration” or “stabs of enjoyment” analyzed by one of F.I.T’s top Forensic Psychologists.

Almost concurrently, as Sam found Leong’s body and was trying to call the police department he heard a loud scream by an A level female student, who wished to remain anonymous, at the corridor. “I came out from the toilet, and I saw a figure hurriedly disappear. Next the dead victim caught my eye and I couldn’t help but to scream” Vin, the next victim, was found hanging from the ceiling. The assaulter seemed to have murdered the victim while he was on the chair decorating the ceiling. Evidence from the crime scene indicated that the victim was already dead before being hung up. The assaulter seemed to just vanish into thin air like a phantom as there were no other escape routes other than the elevator since the stairways was temporarily closed for re-paint.

“Right in front of the Department’s office!” reported by a staff of Psychology Department. No doubt, our assaulter must be a professional with careful planning.

Based on the killings, we could assess some profile of our assaulter:

- Should be a male based on the depth of stabbing

- Around medium sized body to lift up a whole body to be hung

- Professional in killing victims, quick and agile

- Knife as weapon brings up the character who releases frustration through killing yet enjoying it

- Knows very well of his targets as well as the layout of the campus

- Keeps to time closely

“He is smart, attentive to details, and knows well of his surroundings. You can run, but you can’t hide.” said Assistant Lieutenant Angelreena Lim.

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(Disclaimer: This is not real, it is staged for competition purpose only)

Friday, October 24, 2008 3:23 AM '
Death Tune

October 24, 2008 Friday – Another shocking tragedy at HUC. Madeline, a 22 year old Chinese female was gruesomely murdered to death in her white MYVI. She was found dead by the parking attendant around 18:40 hour when he doing his patrolling since the car was the only few left at the parking lot. “I can’t believe what I saw with my own eyes, such violence, and such cruelty”.

Her car was parked at the far end of main block’s car park. It is suspected that the murder took place around noon. According to testimonials by the victim’s friends, she was supposed to attend a replacement class at 13:00. Autopsy confirmed she was caught unaware in her car while listening to some songs. Her head was smashed by the car steering wheel that caused a fracture to the skull. She was stabbed to death on the chest while unconscious. A song list was found at the crime scene indicating the victim was trying to choose selected for the upcoming Halloween Night.

Here are the pictures taken from the crime scene.

F.I.T managed to crack a certain pattern of all the killings that happen so far. A report from Lieutenant Angelreena Lim pointed out the similarities of the cases.

- HUC psychology students

- Young Chinese male and female victims

- The last two happened to be in the Halloween committee

- Grace and Gareth was also found to be a Halloween enthusiasts

- They were all stabbed to death by the assault of a knife

- The same note was left at the crime scene comprising of a particular trademark and tagline.

- The crimes were conducted without leaving any eye-witnesses

Lieutenant Angelreena had spoken to the head of Halloween Committee, Jessica to warn about the possible next victims. It is highly suggested that everyone from HUC psychology department, especially from the Halloween committee to travel in pairs around the premises. It seems that the “GRINCH” of Halloween is on the loose.

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